Our Work
Fallen Wall Rebuild and New Drainage Install at a Public Storage Facility
Lombard rebuilt a failing wall and installed a new drainage system at a Public Storage Facility in Old Bridge, NJ. The scope entailed: disassembling an existing single-side block wall that was approximately 13’ long and 9’ wide, excavating the soil to allow re-assembly of the wall at approximately 13’ long x 9’ height x 9’ depth. The drainage system included: installing 13’ of perforated flexible pipe inserted in filter sox placed behind the first course of block with fall, cleaned the 3/4” stone placed behind the block wall at 13’ x 8.5’ x 18”, installed geo-grid anchoring material placed every 1/3 of height of the wall. The geo-grid was placed within the embankment perpendicular to the wall, the materials were compacted in 6” lifts to grade, while the stone was compacted 6” from grade, lay 6” of soil-cover to allow grass growth.
About the project
Masonry and Construction
6 Days
Public Storage
Old Bridge, NJ